Practice English Conversation Online via Skype !

Whether it's for career advancement, better job opportunities or for personal development, having the skills to communicate in English fluently is a big advantage.

If your knowledge of the English language is very little, but your desire to learn is greater, then nothing is impossible. If you have a vocabulary of only 2,000 English words, or even much less, you are pretty much capable of being able to speak English and carry on a conversation.

Correct me if I am wrong but traditional English classes do not make you fluent. Correct grammar is important but I often hear native speakers make grammatical errors in their conversation or in their writing.

Native speakers also mispronounce a lot of English words. No one is perfect. We all make mistakes. So don’t be afraid to make mistakes & don’t be shy to speak your mind out in English.

Don’t be ashamed of your accent. You don’t have to sound like a native speaker in order to be understood. I’ve lived in America for over 30 years & have heard all sorts of accents. For as long as you can communicate your thoughts and ideas with the use of the English words, then your accent does not really matter.

So, how can you improve your English? The simple answer is practice, practice and practice. As the old saying goes, practice makes it perfect. Always remember, nothing can stop you from having what you want if you need it so badly.

My role is to guide you, to be your English mentor. I will help you in your pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, expressions and most importantly practice conversational English so that speaking it becomes natural. I will be happy to share with you my own experience on how I became a better English speaker and pass on to you the "secret techniques" that could help you become fluent & confident in your communication skills.